AFFIRMATIVE FLAG FOOTBALL (AFFL).  Founded in 2005, it is a fourteen-week, six-on-six flag football curriculum.  One preseason day, eight regular season games, Divisional Championships and ATLAS BOWL (championship).

The program is divided into two divisions:

  • ALPHA DIVISION: Raiders (1), Chiefs, Chargers (1), Broncos.
  • OMEGA DIVISION: Rams (2), Seahawks (1), Cardinals, Niners (2).

*numbers represent program championships.

AFFIRMATIVE ATHLETICS BASKETBALL (AABL).  Founded in 2006, it is a fourteen-week, 3-on-3 (six player roster) basketball curriculum.  One preseason day, eight regular season games, one playoff conference semi-final, Conference Final and the AABL FINAL (championship).

The program is divided into two conferences:

  • ALPHA CONFERENCE: Clippers (2), Warriors, Mavericks, Rockets, Nuggets (1).
  • OMEGA CONFERENCE: Lakers, Kings, Sonics, Spurs, Suns.



  • Youth sign Affirmative Athletics Conduct Contracts to hold them accountable in upholding school and behavior responsibilities on and off the playing field.
  • Youth are drafted onto established ‘franchises‘.
  • Youth and coaches receive customized journals to chronicle weekly game experiences while teaching to plan, prepare, perform and assess team and personal performances in weekly writing workshops.
  • Program newsletters are distributed.  This powerful tool always emphasizes affirming our youth.
  • At every program’s end, we bring our community together by hosting award ceremonies to celebrate individual and team accomplishments in a positive, supportive space.