“With a program like Affirmative Athletics, we can certainly start to see a change in the way we as a people interact with one another and hopefully change the way society views our youth as well.”

  • PARRIN ROBINSON, SDPO (Camp Afflerbaugh)

Affirmative Athletics has shown me and others that through athletic competition and writing, probation youth can hopefully start turning their lives around on a path to a better future.”

  • EDWARD KROL, Ex-SDPO (Camp Holton)

“The program helped me focus on something else other than all the banging that goes on in the dorms.  I learned a lot about myself and it helped me learn to think, plan and how to deal well with others.  I loved reading about myself in the newsletters too.  Being in Affirmative Athletics made me feel like I was a part of something good.”

  • KEFVON CAMP (age 17), 2006 AFFL’s MVP – Chargers

“For more than a decade, I’ve personally witnessed how this program has helped transform dozens of boys into young men.  I think it’s easy to get kids excited about playing sports, but to see them get excited about becoming better people … no matter what circumstances they come from … has been the most gratifying part of my involvement with Affirmative Athletics.”

  • BEN HARRIS (Radio Producer)

Affirmative Athletics show kids that they matter.  That they can work together and accomplish goals.  That translates into confidence.  Confidence allows for change and growth.  Kids need that. The world needs that.”